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Welcome to the new Dime Notes site!  We’ve got a busy 2018 ahead of us and are looking forward to playing all over the UK and abroad, with appearances in Germany, France, and Denmark in the spring and summer, and two tours this autumn in Scotland and Canada!  All the dates are up at the Events page.  There’s plenty of video and audio as well and info on our signature chocolate bar in partnership with IQ Superfood Chocolate.

We’ve just had a great sold-out gig at London’s famous Pizza Express jazz club and are excited to take our current set of new and old stomps, blueses, and vintage Spanish Tinge grooves to some wonderful theatres in Wales next month.  Poster below!  Stay tuned on Instagram and Facebook and here on the site for news and music!



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  • Hi there ! My sister and I saw you last year in Inverness ( for the second time !) We bought your cd for my dad – he’s 81 and loves his music and jazz. He plays piano every day despite having had a stroke a few years ago . Anyway , he plays your cd EVERY DAY and we’d love to take him to see you but he’s in Glasgow and I don’t see any tour dates nearby . Do you have any plans for any Scottish dates in 2019 ? He says’ the clarinetist is as good as if not better than Benny Goodman” I’m visiting him for a few days and I’ll be playing him some of your videos . Keep up the fabulous work .

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