The Complete Morton Project

May 30, 2019
Andrew Oliver and David Horniblow
Lejazzetal Records
Producer: Dave Kelbie
Number of discs: 1

2019 – LJCD21

A new perspective on one of America’s most important musical figures of the 20th century by Andrew Oliver and David Horniblow.

“Everything is phenomenally well played, with a freshness that dispels any suspicion of solemn archaism” –  JAZZ  JOURNAL
“Andrew Oliver is almost punk-rock in his attitude about Traditional Jazz and bringing back its visceral nature” – MATT FLEEGER, DIRECTOR – KMHD JAZZ RADIO. USA
“A terrific Clarinettist! From one player to another”  – ACKER BILK. UK
“Andrew Oliver is the quintessential musician’s musician” – EVAN CHRISTOPHER. USA
“Horniblow’s playing is nimble, incisive and assured” – HUGH RAINEY – JAZZ JOURNAL. UK
“this man blows a real mean horn with virtuosity, passion, and taste, a formidable and rare combination” – JEFF BARNHART
“a top young player… Takes it all in his stride” – KENNY BALL. UK
“It’s easy to assume that Jelly Roll Morton, Sidney Bechet et al can’t speak to a younger generation, but the pianist Andrew Oliver’s quartet lays that notion to rest” – CLIVE DAVIS – THE SUNDAY TIMES. UK

Andrew Oliver – Piano
David Horniblow – Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Bass Sax

Recorded at Master Chord Studio, London
Engineered by Dougal Lott, Assisted by Michele G. Catri
24th September 2018

Mastered by Minerva Pappi at Waudio, Helsinki

© & 2019 Lejazzetal Records, London
Produced by Lejazzetal Records
Package design & artwork by Dave Kelbie
assisted by Kathryn at Prestset
Manufactured in the EU by The Digital Audio Co Ltd
Front cover photo of Jelly Roll Morton unknown
All booklet photos by Dave Kelbie
Sleeve notes by Andrew Oliver

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