The Dime Notes – vinyl

The Dime Notes vinyl
February 20, 2017
The Dime Notes
Lejazzetal Records
Producer: Dave Kelbie

2016 – LJLP17

Debut album of The Dime Notes. Hot swinging stomps and blueses from London’s most stylish vintage jazz band!  Led by the celebrated partnership of clarinetist David Horniblow and Portland pianist Andrew Oliver and propelled by a knockout rhythm section Dave Kelbie and Tom Wheatley. Stomps, Blueses and hard-swinging numbers from the revolutionary and controversial early jazz repertoire.

“Inspired” – SUNDAY TIMES
“Lovingly curated examples of great music from the ancestral repertoire of jazz” – JAZZ DA GAMA
“Swings from start to finish”  – JUST JAZZ
“Laid-back swing and clever interplay makes their music feel fresh and vibrant” – JAZZ SOCIETY OF OREGON

Andrew Oliver – Piano
David Horniblow – Clarinet
Dave Kelbie – Guitar
Tom Wheatley – Double Bass

Recorded and Mixed at Master Chord Studio, London
Engineered by Dougal Lott, Assisted by Michele G. Catri
6th June 2016

Mixed by Dave Kelbie & Andrew Oliver
9th June 2016
Mastered by Minerva Pappi at Waudio, Helsinki

© & P 2016 Lejazzetal Records
Produced by Lejazzetal Records, London
Package design & artwork by Dave Kelbie
assisted by Kathryn at Prestset –
Package production by Lejazzetal
Manufactured in the EU by The Digital Audio Co

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