Concorde Videos

We had a great gig at the Concorde Club in Southampton a few months ago and there are some really nice videos up on YouTube.  Firstly is “Daylight Savin Blues,” one of our favorite new tunes, that found on a recording by James P. Johnson with members of Duke Ellington’s orchestra:

Secondly is “Otis Stomp,” an original that I wrote a long time ago about a small town in Oregon – a lot of early jazz tunes are about the places where these guys travelled or were from, so I figured my home state needed some representation!  I didn’t grow up in Otis, but it’s a tiny town with a famous cafe half way between Portland and the ocean:

Thirdly is the very swingin “El Rado Scuffle” which we learned from the Jimmie Noone band, a great hot band from 1920s Chicago:

Finally, another original which I wrote for our Scottish tour, “Ten Cent Rhythm” – a reference to the name of the band, taken from Cab Calloway’s amazing dictionary of early jazz slang, where a “Dime Note” is a reference to a ten dollar bill!


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